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Browse through our online collection and follow the fascinating stories of the Irish around the world, past and present. From the celebrated to the unsung, these stories speak of a shared character; of creativity and strength, audacity and ingenuity, resilience and brilliance, offering a unique lens through which this nation can be fully understood.

Give your Irish ancestors the recognition they deserve

Add their names to our exhibition

At EPIC we honour Irish emigrants by telling their stories and keeping their memories alive. It’s a place where you can come to acknowledge them, their journeys, their struggles and their achievements.

When they left Ireland they took something very important with them, something that would give them strength, their identity, their power to change the world and something they would pass on to you – their name.

Your name is a powerful thing

Now we’re inviting you to be a part of our The Power of a Name exhibition by adding your emigrant family member’s name to our Legacy Wall. Simply give us their name, where they emigrated from and the year they left. We will project it onto the wall of EPIC and it will become part of our exhibition.

Win a Personalised Genealogy Consultation! When you enter your relative’s name into our exhibition, you will also get a chance to win a personalised genealogy consultation with one of our expert genealogists at the Irish Family History Centre!

Power of a Name exhibition at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Share your story

Everyone’s got a story to tell. Here at EPIC we want to hear yours. We aim to record and preserve Ireland’s migration stories for posterity.

Do you have an ancestor who left our shores? Know of someone who achieved something incredible that we should be aware of? Or perhaps you’d like to share your own story? We are always looking for great stories at EPIC that we can add to our collection and eventually share with our visitors.

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