About the Museum

Discover why 10 million people left Ireland and explore the impact they had on the world

At EPIC we believe that Irish history should never be a long list of names and dates, it should be an experience. We’ve brought history to life like never before.

Now’s your chance to get hands-on with Irish culture and its past with our fully interactive museum – swipe through video galleries, challenge yourself with motion sensor quizzes, dance in the footsteps of legends, listen to remastered audio from 100 years ago and watch videos that bring Irish history to life. At EPIC you’ll discover the far reaching influence of Irish history and the impact that the 10 million Irish men and women who left Ireland had on the world.

Irish Emigration

10 million Irish people left their homeland for a wide variety of reasons down through the centuries. Find out what drove them to leave, from famine and religious persecution through to economic need. Discover how they adapted to their new homes once they got there and learn about the challenges they overcame to build a new life in an often unfamiliar society.


Discover how an Irish police chief in Chicago helped to save hundreds of years of traditional Irish music, what it has to do with Rihanna and why the quintessentially Red, White and Blue genre of country music, couldn’t be more Green. Ireland isn’t just tin whistles and bodhrans, it has made an impact on many popular genres, from pop to punk.




Relive the unforgettable moments we celebrated as a nation across dozens of sports over decades of competition. Discover the lasting mark Irish athletes have left on sports around the world. It’s a small island – if we weren’t punching above our weight we wouldn’t be punching at all.




One of our proudest exports is Irish Dance. From the joyous gig to the globally renowned Riverdance, you’ll find our dances proudly performed all over the world. Don’t just watch the famous Riverdance performance that sparked a renewed global interest in this unique style, put your feet to work and try it for yourself.




Many world leaders have had prominent Irish ancestry. Whether it’s a calling for home or a soft spot for our beautiful country, many have also been influenced by, or involved in, Irish politics. From an incredible 23 former US Presidents to former Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers, we seem to have had quite a flair for politics.


It might be something in the air, but even those who travelled abroad have visualised the new world around them in a distinctly Irish way, whether in art, literature, acting, or comedy. You’ll be amazed by how many world-famous authors, artists and actors are proudly made in Ireland.

Science & Technology



From ground-breaking innovations in medicine and science to submarines to sheep shearing, Ireland has brought the world far more than shamrocks, potatoes and leprechauns.




Discover how the Irish influenced and shaped the world.

Emigrant Letters

See the world through the eyes of the Irish men and women who left through their letters to home.

Interactive Touch Screens

Don’t just learn about history, reach out, touch and engage with it.

Music and Dance

Ireland is as much Rihanna and Bruce Springsteen as it is bodhrans and tin whistles. Discover how Irish music has influenced everything from pop to rock and put your Riverdance moves to the test.

Rogues’ Gallery

The good, the bad and the infamous. It’s not all rainbows, green hills and shamrocks – practice your quick-draw with our motion detector Irish Outlaws Quiz.

Whispering Library

Some of the world’s most famous authors throughout history are Irish. Don’t take our word for it, take theirs, with our whispering library.

Irish Family History Centre

While you’re here, don’t miss your chance to discover some of your own family history. Book a consultation with one of the expert genealogists at The Irish Family History Centre, located within EPIC.

Sensitive Histories

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum explores the global impact of the Irish diaspora.

As with all histories of migration, the stories we share include painful experiences of loss and trauma. Some of the material featured deals with sensitive topics related to abortion, forced adoption, enslavement, displacement, religious or gender-based persecution and physical and sexual abuse.

The inclusion of any emigrant or diaspora figure does not constitute an endorsement of their politics or personal conduct. Visitors are invited to make their own judgment on the individual figures featured.

We advise you to seek support if you are affected by any of the issues raised within the museum.