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EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum immerses you in the fascinating stories of the Irish people and honours the intrinsic connection between Ireland and its diaspora – no matter how many generations or oceans separate us. But who are you? And what is your story? Whether you’re just a little curious or a fully-fledged family historian, we have something for you at the Irish Family History Centre, where our expert genealogists can help you unearth your Irish roots.

You’ll find The Irish Family History Centre just beside the museum gift shop in EPIC.

*All consultations that have been affected by the Aer Lingus strike action can be moved online at their original slot or moved to a later date, free of charge.

Please contact foh@irishfamilyhistorycentre.com to arrange this.*

Boost Your Search

Book a Personalised Consultation with a Genealogist

You’ll be amazed how much you can discover with a personalised one-to-one consultation with one of our genealogists. They start by getting to know where you are on your research journey and finding out what knowledge and documents you currently have on your family history.

Our expert genealogists know the background of all relevant online databases and repositories for offline research and can significantly speed up your search. They can identify further record sources to be reviewed, create a route map and develop a search strategy.

We promise you’ll come away with a renewed enthusiasm and the assurance that you’re going in the right direction.

Choose your session type

Please note: Consultations must be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance. A minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation is required. Your booking is only valid for the time and date booked. We strongly advise against booking consultations on the day of arrival into Ireland.

As we are an Irish company, we work in Irish time, so please take this into consideration before booking an online consultation.


COST – €121

Our most popular option, 50 minutes with a genealogist will allow you to find out the questions that you’ve always wondered about your family history.


COST – €172

A more detailed consultation, 80 minutes allows for more time to not only find the records, but also to explain the background behind your family genealogy history.


Informed Consultation – €450

Our INFORMED Consultation allows you to share information in advance of your consultation for our Expert Genealogist to review – making sure that you’ll both be sitting down for your consultation armed with the background knowledge to make the best use of your face to face time.

Please note if there is a large amount of information provided by the client, we cannot guarantee that all of it will be reviewed due to insufficient time.  We would suggest focussing on specific goals for your visit.

3 hours preparatory work + 50 minute private consultation

Please select your preferred date/time for this final 50 minute private consultation when booking.

Genealogy Research packages

Let us help you discover your Ireland

For anyone planning a trip to Ireland, make it even more special by uncovering your family story – which allows you to create an itinerary that follows in your ancestors footsteps.

Irish Family History Centre Research Packages have helped countless people enjoy the ‘trip of a lifetime’ by connecting them with their Irish roots.

Our dedicated researchers will aspire to map out your ancestors’ lives – where they lived, worked and travelled, giving you a connection to them through available historical records.

Please note that a minimum 4 month lead time is required for all research projects.

*Due to privacy laws in Ireland (GDPR) we are not able to access records on living individuals outside the public domain.

The Essential Package

Explore your Irish Family History with a research package that helps you identify and expand your family tree. Your research will be carried out by an IFHC Expert Genealogist, followed by a 50 minute sit down to review the results – either online or in the Irish Family History Centre at EPIC.

Suitable for those with Irish roots beginning their ancestry journey or considering a visit to Ireland.

6 hours research + 50 minute private walk-through – €910

The Classic Package

Your research will be carried out by an IFHC Expert Genealogist, followed by a 50 minute sit down to review the results – either online or at our Centre. Suitable for those who would like to broaden their knowledge of their Irish ancestry or have a specific line of family to trace.

Often purchased as that one-of-a-kind gift, or for those who would like to preserve their family history for future generations.

12 hours research + 50 minute private walk-through – €1630

The Deluxe Package

The ultimate package for those looking to document  their Irish Family History. Research will be carried out by an IFHC Expert, followed by a 50 minute sit down to review the results,  with your research presented in a leather-bound hardback.

This research focuses not only on the names and dates of your family history, but also the stories of your ancestors’ lives – and the communities they belonged to.

18 Hour Research Project + 50 minute private walk-through – €2395

Optional add-ons for all packages:

€100 – Additional hardbound copy of your family history book (includes postage intl.)


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?

We always say just bring whatever you have – whether that’s a little or a lot. A family tree is a great start for visitors of every level, so feel free to bring one along if you have it. It’s also important to bring along a passion to learn something new, because you never know what you’re going to find.

Where do I even start?

Always start with yourself and work backwards! Filling in your Family Tree is a great place to start. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A FREE TEMPLATE.
Map out what you know for sure in pen, fill in information you’re not certain of in pencil and then you can start filling in the gaps. And always verify what you find with hard evidence – only believe what you see with your own eyes.

What if I don’t even know if I’m Irish?

Don’t worry! We’ve got access to records across the globe through our databases – so even if you don’t know where you come from you can start digging. We’ve had visitors find ancestors in Nicaragua, Montserrat and India, so you never know what you might discover – it’s pretty exciting stuff!

“Totally recommended!”

I had reached various dead ends and realised I needed an expert to help. Having an online consultation, in the comfort of my home, proved really useful. Talking to the genealogist was very easy… it was like talking to an old friend, and especially for help with specific information and interpreting records. Having an expert there saved me a huge amount of difficulty and got me to where I needed far quicker than I could have done myself.

Patricia Potter, our first online genealogy client


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