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Create memorable stories with us

Everyone’s got a story to tell. Here at EPIC we want to hear yours. We aim to record and preserve Ireland’s migration stories for posterity. Do you have an ancestor who left our shores? Know of someone who achieved something incredible that we should be aware of? Or perhaps you’d like to share your own story?

“EPIC launched this project in response to the overwhelming number of stories our visitors share with us. The Irish love to tell a good story and we feel they’re stories worth preserving. Our ambition is to build the largest collection of emigrant stories in the world so that present and future generations will be able to engage first hand with the Irish emigrant experience. “
– Nathan Mannion, Museum Curator

How to submit your story

The first step for submitting your story is to fill out our short questionnaire. This will be reviewed by a member of our museum team, who will then follow up with you if further information is required. All submissions are reviewed and responded within one week of submission.

To get started, please click on the button below: