The best online educational resources from Irish museums

With children of all ages studying from home once again, we decided to pull together some of the free educational resources available from Ireland’s top museums and cultural venues.

Unsurprisingly, there’s lots of materials covering art and history. But there’s some for English, Irish, science and maths too. These museum websites offer plenty of ways to engage students and make most of e-learning.

You can check out EPIC’s e-learning resources here. Or you can spread the word and share your favourite materials using the hashtag: #IrishMuseums

Marsh’s Library

Age group: Pre-school and primary school students

Subjects covered: Maths, art, science and history

Under the ‘Play’ and ‘Learn’ sections of its website, Marsh’s Library offers colouring sheets, online jigsaw puzzles, sewing projects and other artsy activities. There’s also some maths challenges for primary and pre-schools children. But, best of all, there’s an online minifigure hunt and a tricky escape room activity for 5th and 6th class students.


EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Age group: Primary and secondary school students

Subjects covered: History and STEM

EPIC’s history-at-home packs are full of facts, puzzles and games which will help young students learn about Irish culture, while also developing their literacy skills. Suitable for ages 8+, they cover topics like the Easter Rising, the Age of Exploration and famous computer scientists.

Older students can also take advantage of EPIC’s workshops, videos and articles. They can also do a virtual school tour and fill out the 14-page worksheet afterward.



Age group: Primary school and Junior Cert students

Subjects covered: History

Dublinia’s e-learning resources include interactive maps, quizzes, animated videos, tasks and topic recaps. There’s content for 3rd and 4th classes, 5th and 6th classes and Junior Cert students. For teachers, there’s also extra resources like timelines, questions and fun facts.


The Glucksman

Age group: Primary school children

Subjects covered: Art

The Glucksman #CreativityAtHome initiative has seen children making masks, drawing posters and growing grass hair. The museum even won an international award for the series back in October. Each video comes with a worksheet and connects to the Irish curriculum.


MoLI – Museum of Literature Ireland

Age group: Primary and secondary school students

Subjects covered: English

For younger children, MoLI’s Bright Sparks series provides warm-ups, word games and story prompts through 10-minute videos and complementary worksheets. They’re taught by children’s author and creative writing teacher, Sarah Webb.

Then there’s also classes for teenagers presented by successful writers like Darren Shan and Dave Rudden. They aim to help budding writers with everything from character development to dialogue. There’s even one as Gaeilge from bilingual writer Éilís Ní Dhuibhne.


The Butter Museum

Age group: Primary school and Junior Cert students

Subjects covered: History

The Butter Museum in Cork offers some worksheets focused on the Junior Cert history syllabus. There’s also lessons, activities and flashcards for younger children which link to science, geography and history.


The Chester Beatty

Age group: Pre-school, primary and secondary levels

Subjects covered: Art

Inspired by its art collections, the Chester Beatty has put together a range of online workshops, how-to videos and art activities for all ages. They cover everything from watercolours and 3D drawing, through to origami and finger puppets. They even go beyond art to include cooking, music and wellbeing.

There’s activity packs for ages 3+, 5+ and 8+, which include puzzles and colouring sheets. Then there’s also a 12-page drawing pack for teenagers. This covers topics like outlining, shading and perspective.


The National Print Museum

Age group: Primary school and Junior Cert students

Subjects covered: Art and history

The National Print Museum offers loads of arts and craft resources for primary school students. Think activity packs, fact sheets, word searches and videos. They can even learn how to make stamps or create their own prints.

There’s some worksheets about the printing press for Junior Cert students too.


Hugh Lane Gallery

Age group: For primary and secondary students

Subjects covered: Art and art history

The Hugh Lane has crafty activities and a virtual tour designed specifically for primary school children. It’s also got some useful resources for Leaving Cert students, including artwork talks and material on the Leaving Cert Gallery question.


Coleraine Museum – Mountsandel

Age group: Primary school and Junior Cert students

Subjects covered: History

This website explores life at the Mountsandel settlement during the Meso