Have your sporting souvenirs and stories shared throughout Europe

Do you have a sporting story or sports souvenir that you are proud of? Share it with us to have it included in the Europeana Sport collection. 

If you have a souvenir or sporting memorabilia or sporting memory you think other fans would be interested in, let us know. It will be shared as part of Europe’s biggest online cultural collection and be recognised as part of Ireland’s sporting history.

If you have souvenir programmes, tickets, medals, photographs, jerseys, keepsakes, song sheets or other sporting memorabilia you’d like to submit as part of this collection, please do share them with us. We’d love to hear the stories connected with them.

Whether you’re a spectator or a player, whether part of a team or competing alone and whether your experiences or memories are of local games or national events, we would welcome your participation. If you have a story about sports you think other people would appreciate or enjoy, or there’s a local player, organiser or team you think should be celebrated across Europe, let us know! 

Europeana Sport brings stories of our personal sporting activities and achievements together with archive material, sharing the story of Europe through our sporting activities in the past and the present. Throughout 2021, Europeana, along with museums, galleries, libraries and archives across Europe, will raise awareness of the diversity of Europe’s sporting heritage through creative and online activities. 

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is collecting stories of Irish sports at home and abroad to be highlighted and digitally preserved in this unique collection, available to students, academics, media and everyone interested in Irish sporting memories. 

We invite you to tell us about any or all of the following: 

  • Being part of a team 
  • History and memories of your local sports club
  • Sports at school
  • Supporting a team or a sports person 
  • A sporting event you have been part of 
  • A sporting event you attended
  • Local sports heroes who deserve to be celebrated
How to share your story:

Please share your sporting story online here. Each submission will be read by a member of the EPIC team and if we need more information, we will let you know.

We can also arrange a story appointment via Zoom. If you would like to do this or have any questions about taking part, please email us at museum@epicchq.com

If you have any questions about taking part, please email us at: museum@epicchq.com. 

“Pole vaulting from the back garden into the Irish record books…”                                 “Surfing arrived in Ireland in 1949…” Europeana.eu

About Europeana Sport:

Stories, memorabilia, photographs and souvenirs will become part of the Europeana Sport collection. The material collected will be displayed on the Europeana website, which shares cultural heritage online for enjoyment, education and research. 

Sport is so much more than exercise – it is teamwork; it is cooperation; it is nationhood; it is shared experiences, shared successes and failures. It is an integral part of our cultural heritage. The Europeana Sport project shows how sport shapes our sense of self and our sense of Europe. 

Discover our blogs, exhibitions, galleries and more and see how sport has shaped the story of Europe. Get involved by taking part and share your stories, memories and ideas about your individual and our collective sporting heritage in exciting ways.

You can read some of the stories already submitted from around Europe at this link. 

Europeana Sport is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.

Please note:
  • Our Story Collection Day is free to attend, once an appointment is booked
  • As a thank you for your story, you will receive a free pass to visit EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
  • Any memorabilia, keepsakes or mementos you bring to the collection days will be carefully photographed and returned to you after your recording

Credit: Europeana.eu