Policing Hong Kong, an Irish History – Patricia O’Sullivan

DATE: 22nd May 2024
TIME: 5.30pm - 6.30pm
WHERE: EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
COST: Free

Irish people have long travelled to the other side of the world in search of opportunity.

For a few hundred that meant a six-week sea journey to Hong Kong, there to take up a post as a policeman. Author Patricia O’Sullivan’s grandfather and two great-uncles were amongst those, along with seven of their relatives and ten of their townsfolk from Newmarket, Co. Cork. Writing about these score of men has brought her into contact with families of many other Irish who made that same journey.

This talk will explore the lives of Irishmen – and women – in British Hong Kong from the middle of the nineteenth century onwards, the challenges and dangers they faced, the adventures they encountered, the heroism of many and the rewards that were there for those who could withstand the climate and disease of Hong Kong before the Second World War.

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