EPIC – SFI Accredited Discover Centre

EPIC is proud to be part of Science Foundation Ireland’s network of STEM-related Discover Centres. As a Discover Centre, we help schools to engage learners in science outside of the classroom in a curriculum-relevant and hands-on way. Schools can gain credit towards their Science Foundation Ireland Curious Minds Awards by visiting a Discover Centre.

In EPIC, we offer an SFI accredited Techxibit workshop for primary schools. Throughout this workshop, students develop an understanding of basic computer programming principles and skills, create a practical output, and learn how technology can help to bring history to life! Students are led through a guided step-by-step process on the free software ‘Scratch’ to create their own mini-museum game. This workshop is linked to the new coding curriculum and explores cross curricular topics such as STEM, History and the Arts.

At the end of this workshop, each student will receive a certificate that will go towards their school’s Science Foundation Ireland Curious Minds Award.


STEM Centered Programming at EPIC

In EPIC, we are passionate about all things STEM, from technology, to space exploration, to coding, to engineering, to inventing and more!

Throughout the school year we offer programming for:



As a digital and interactive museum, we love digital technology! Throughout Technology Week, we place a focus on our Techxibit workshops for primary and secondary schools, where students can partake in either our Unplugged Coding workshop, which explores the concepts behind coding, our Scratch workshop where students create their own mini-museum game, or our HTML/CSS workshops, where the students create their own website. EPIC Tech Tours are also featured throughout Tech week. Accompanied by an experienced guide, students will learn all about our amazing digital and interactive technology. Students will have time to experience all the tech the museum has to offer, learning about fascinating figures and stories from the museum!

Maths Week


Did you know the person who invented the submarine was Irish? Take part in our ‘Engenious Ireland’ Engineering workshops suitable for primary schools, which are featured throughout Engineering week! Discover what an engineer does, learn about the different types of engineering, and explore the lives of famous Irish engineers like Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, Kay McNulty, who helped to create the first general purpose computer, and John Philip Holland, who invented the submarine! Throughout this workshop, students will take part in a number of collaborative and practical problem solving tasks, and at the end of the workshop will take part in an ‘EPIC Engineering Challenge!’

Space Explorers


During Space Week, we place a focus on our ‘Space Explorers’ and ‘Irish Women in Space’ workshops, suitable for primary schools. Throughout these workshops, students will learn about the amazing achievements of Irish astronauts, astronomers and astrophysicist, all while taking part in interactive and practical activities about space science!

EPIC Explorers Science Week Workshop


For Science Week, we focus on our ‘Irish in Science’ workshop and our Scientist’s themed Emigrant’s Suitcase workshop, looking at the fantastic achievements of Irish scientists all around the world. Learn about figures like Jocelyn Bell Burnell who discovered radio pulsars, engineer John Philip Holland who invented the submarine and John Tyndall, who discovered why the sky is blue!

Maths Week


During Maths Week, we feature our Unplugged Coding workshop! This workshop explores the concepts behind coding. Your students will decipher simple binary code, writing their own algorithm, solve an algorithm and explore sequencing through practical and collaborative activities. This workshop is suitable for primary school students.

These workshops can be booked privately throughout the year also. For more information about booking the above workshops, please contact groups@epicchq.com.

For information about SFI and EPIC as a Discover Centre, please contact Education Programme Coordinator epatterson@epicchq.com.