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EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is delighted to partner with The Sunday Times and contribute to The Children’s Times, a new supplement starting this Sunday 14th February, and running for the next few weeks. You can also download a version here.

Our award-winning museum tells the amazing stories and experiences of some of the 10 million Ireland emigrants who have left this island over the centuries.

Our Education and Outreach team have created a great range of online resources to help introduce your children to the richness and diversity of the stories featured in our museum.

Scroll on below to find even more online educational experiences, from downloadable history-at-home packs to online workshops, lectures and entertaining videos. Look, learn, and create together with fun, engaging programmes for kids of all ages.

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History-at-home Series

Online Resources History at Home Genealogy

The Genealogy Pack

Discover the fascinating world of genealogy, its history & how it’s used today. Discover how your budding genealogy detectives can put together your family tree with the help of the family. Includes puzzles, quizzes & games for children 8+.

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Online Resources History at Home Great Famine

The Great Famine Pack

Discover the conditions and circumstances that led to The Great Famine of 1845 – 1852, and caused the death of 1 million people and another 1.5 million to leave Ireland. Includes puzzles, quizzes and games for children 8+.

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Online Resources History at Home Easter Rising

Easter Rising Pack

Discover some of Ireland’s quirkiest Easter traditions, explore the world of Easter Rising leader Roger Casement and learn how to draw up your own Proclamation. Includes puzzles, quizzes and games for children 8+.

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Online Resources History at Home Explorers

Explorers Pack

Unearth the world of Irish Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, concoct your own Arctic snowstorm and uncover the Irishwoman who became Britain’s first female commercial pilot. Includes puzzles, quizzes and games for children 8+.

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Online Resources History at Home Computer Scientists

Computer Scientists Pack

Discover the awe-inspiring history of computer science, meet Irish computer programmer Kay McNulty and learn how to ‘speak computer’ using your favourite emojis! Includes puzzles, quizzes and games for children 8+.

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EPIC Characters in 30 seconds

Online Resources EPIC Characters Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton made three expeditions to Antarctica where he climbed an active volcano and survived the sinking of his ship.

Watch the video here

Online Resources EPIC Characters Mother Jones

Mother Jones

“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living” – Mother Jones was a fearless fighter who campaigned tirelessly for worker’s rights.

Watch the video here

Online Resources EPIC Characters Mary Mallon

Typhoid Mary

Mary Mallon was one of history’s most famous infectious disease carriers and spent 26 years in forced isolation.

Watch the video here

Virtual Tours

Online Resources Virtual Tours

Take a Virtual Tour of our museum

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite stories from our exhibition, and included them in a virtual tour of our museum for you to explore our #MuseumFromHome.

Take The Tour

Online Resources Virtual Tours Students

Virtual Tour Student Worksheets

Follow our easy step-by-step guide and you’ll soon be voyaging through 1500 years of Irish history with your students – all from the comfort of your classroom or home!

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Online Resources Virtual Tours Teachers

Virtual Tour Teacher Worksheets

This helpful guide will help teachers host their very own tour with step-by-step instructions that will walk you through the process and find ways to keep your students engaged.

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Virtual Workshops

Although we may be closed right now, we are continuing to provide educators and students access to our museum and through digital tours and online workshops. To find out more click here, or contact us by email.

Online Resources Become a Historian

Become a Historian

Learn what it takes to be a detective of the past in this workshop designed for budding historians of all ages. Catered to support the secondary level ‘Become an historian’ strand and history curriculum, students will leave their text books behind and learn from our historian-in-residence.

Prices start from €5.00 per student (T&C’s apply, minimum booking required)

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