Discover what truly makes us Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

The celebration of St Patrick’s Day around the world is a living, breathing example of Irish emigration in action. We love that people in countries all over the world break out the green on March 17th, but we have a bit of a confession to make – oversized sequin shamrock glasses aren’t particularly Irish. In fact, leprechaun costumes, green plastic hats and four-leaf clover suits don’t appear in our history books either.

Our newly launched “This is not us” campaign imagines a world where they were, by contrasting modern-day St. Patrick’s Day attire with historical images of Irish people. The campaign isn’t about raining on anyone’s parade, but encouraging tourists and locals alike to dig a little bit deeper and discover what it truly means to be Irish and how that meaning is forever tied to the people who have left these shores.

Whether you’re planning a visit to Ireland or a local looking for a great way to spend Patrick’s Day, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is a unique and innovative way to discover what Irishness is really all about. 

Ps. Don’t worry – visitors wearing leprechaun hats, shamrock glasses and other St. Patrick’s attire will be welcomed with open arms.






Together We Grow

18th & 19th March – Free
In collaboration with the New Communities Partnership (NCP) and The Green Roots Project, we’re delighted to invite you to an exhibition of visual art celebrating the continued growth of a diverse and multicultural Ireland. This exhibition takes place over St. Patrick’s weekend in the CHQ building.

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Tiny Tots – St. Patrick’s Day Around the World!

Sun 19th March, 11am – Tickets €11
Come along on a sensory storytelling adventure to explore what it truly means to be Irish this St. Patrick’s weekend! Discover how the day is celebrated here in Ireland and abroad, and debunk popular myths about the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day in this workshop for Tiny Tots aged 3-6 years old.

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Explorers – Reinventing St. Patrick’s Day!

Sun 19th March, 2.30pm – Tickets €11
Did you know that St. Patrick’s colour was blue, not green? Or that the shamrock was actually an ancient Irish Celtic symbol? Come along and debunk St. Patrick’s Day stereotypes, all while exploring what it truly means to be Irish in this Explorers workshop for children aged 7-12 years old.

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At EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum we like to remind everyone who’ll listen that the Irish are, and always have been, a lot more than worn out stereotypes of drinking, fighting, and green garb.

We are a nation and diaspora of inventors, creators, and indeed, storytellers. Eighteen months ago, Ciaran Gaffney set out to re-establish the ancient tradition of live storytelling in the imaginaries of a new generation of Irish people when he founded SEANCHOÍCHE. The storytelling event has taken Ireland – and the world – by storm.

Image of a performer at a Seanchoíche storytelling event.


Did you know that Asia’s oldest and biggest St. Patrick’s Day Parade takes place in Tokyo?

Despite having a diaspora community of less than 2,000 Irish people, Japan has been embracing St. Patrick’s Day since the early 1990s. EPIC reached out to the Irish community in Tokyo to find out why…


St Patrick’s Day History-at-home Pack

Download our free History-at-home pack to discover the history of St. Patrick, and how the arrival of Spring heralded new beginnings for the Celts. Learn all about the traditions enjoyed on the day through word searches, trivia quizzes and activities and such as making your own Brigid’s Cross. What better way to celebrate St. Brigid and women around the world this St. Brigid’s Day!

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Browse through our online collection and follow the fascinating stories of the Irish around the world, both past and present and learn how St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated for centuries throughout our island and the world. Discover the many ways our cultural traditions have evolved over time.


St. Patrick: Ireland’s most celebrated immigrant

March 17th is the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint – Saint Patrick. But over the years it has evolved into a celebration of Ireland and its people, so many forget that Patrick wasn’t actually Irish…

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Irish-American Heritage Month

How March became Irish-American Heritage Month

Back in 1991, the US Congress designated March as Irish-American Heritage Month – a month dedicated to recognising the contribution that Irish immigrants and their descendants have made to American society.

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The Rise of the St Patrick’s Day Parade

Although St. Patrick’s Day has long been celebrated in Ireland, the tradition of holding a parade on March 17th didn’t begin here. It actually developed among those who left Ireland and settled in faraway places.

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