Saturday, October 22nd

Did you know Halloween originated in Ireland? Celebrate the magic of the spoken word and awaken your inner Seanchaí at Samhain Family Festival.
Immerse yourself in an authentic Halloween experience this October with a range of workshops, celebrating Samhain and it’s traditions.

Samhain is a festival that celebrates Ireland’s ancient Halloween roots and rich storytelling traditions. Modern Seanchaís and colourful characters will share spine-tingling tales and there will be plenty of fun in store for all ages as we invite you to celebrate the magic of the spoken word.

The Samhain Family Festival offers a range of workshops suitable for different age ranges, each workshop is 1 hour, with tickets including access for 1 child and an accompanying adult.

Prebooking is essential as places are limited.

Each event must be booked separately online – if you’d prefer a single boking for multiple workshops, please contact us on info@epicchq.com.

Make your Own Monster with Artists “KIKI NA ART”

Saturday, October 22nd 10am – 11am

Age: 5 years and above

Have you ever wanted your very own monster?

Well in this workshop specially curated by Dublin based artists “KIKI NA ART” you are in for a treat as all manner of monster come alive, sprung from your child’s imagination onto the page in a kaleidoscope of magical colours. Using paints, paper, feathers and even slime- watch as creatures great and small come alive this Samhain at EPIC.

Materials will be supplied and all the monsters get to go home to their new families once they have been created. Suitable for ages 5 plus. One ticket includes entry for one child and one adult.

Pimpin’ Pumpkins and Transformin’ Turnips Workshop

Saturday, October 22nd 11am-12pm

Age 6-12 years

Join EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum to explore how today’s tradition of carving pumpkins evolved through emigration.

Swap stories with the ancient Celtic Druids as they harvest their turnips to collect the New Year’s light, and discover the story of Jack O’Lantern, the Irish spirit who made pumpkins popular in the USA.

Then, create your very own pumpkin and turnip paper craft garland to take home and display in your windows to ward of the spirits on Halloween night! Suitable for ages 6 – 12, all materials provided. One ticket includes entry for one child and one adult.

The Story of Samhain Shadow Puppet Show and Workshop

Saturday, October 22nd 11am – 12pm & 1pm – 2pm

Age 6-12 years

Learn all about the ancient art of shadow puppetry and create your own Samhain tale in this workshop suitable for ages 5+.

Discover how Halloween of old was celebrated in Ireland in this fun and creative workshop.

Facilitated by puppeteer Carmel Balfe from Little Gem Puppets, first watch a special shadow puppet show, before creating some spooky puppets of your very own to bring your Samhain story to life before your very eyes.

One ticket includes entry for one child and one adult.


Animal spirits mask making workshop

Saturday, October 22nd 12 – 1pm

Did you know that the practice of dressing up for Halloween harks back to the ancient Celts? Every Samhain, Celtic Druids would dress in animal skins to confuse and ward of the returning spirits when the veil was thin on Halloween. Now’s your chance to reignite this ancient tradition by creating your very own animal spirit mask!

Suitable for ages 4 – 8 years old, in this workshop you will hear the stories of the ancient Druids, create your mask, and join them to cast a very special Samhain spell to make your wishes for the new year come true! All materials provided, although you might want to bring along any materials you want to use to make your mask extra-special or unique like particular colour feathers or jewels!

One ticket includes entry for one child and one adult.

Illustrate an Irish Vampire Story Workshop

Saturday, October 22nd 2pm – 3pm

Age 9-13 years

You may have heard of Dracula, but what do you know about the Abhartach and the Dearg Due?

In this workshop suitable for ages 9 – 13 years old, you’ll meet the ancient Celtic Druids and gather round to hear tales about Irish creatures that stalk the night. Learn the tropes of the genre, and then, using the tales you’ve heard as inspiration, create and illustrate your very own ghoulish blood-sucking story.

All materials provided. One ticket includes entry for one child and up to one adult, although parents do not have to accompany children to this workshop.

History-at-Home Packs

Suitable for ages 8+

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Discover the story of Kay McNulty, a real life computer in our Computer Scientist pack or follow Ernest Shackleton as he travels to the Antarctic in our Explorers pack.

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