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October 24 and 25: 2.00pm

October 29 and 30: 11.00am

From €7.50

This Halloween, ancient Irish Druids, Warlocks and Witches will be taking over EPIC to bring back the Celtic festival of Samhain – and they want you to join in the fun!

Hear the ghostly tales of old Irish traditions, from turnip carving, bonfires and spellcasting, to the mystery of the Pooka. Then, Trick or Treat around the globe and bring to life the celebrations of Halloween today with your creepy crafting creations. From Irish soul cakes to Mexican Sugar Skulls to the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival, you’re sure to be in for a fright!

A fun workshop for all the family, this is your opportunity to experience Halloween from its origins to the global festival it has become, picking up some new traditions along the way. To take part all you need are some colouring pencils, markers or crayons; sheets of A4 paper; a pair of scissors; and some sticky tape to take part.

Be sure to join in the festive spirit from the comfort of your home and wear your spookiest costume!