This Christmas Holo-MUSEUM Metaverse gives the gift of learning to Schools across the world

EPIC is delighted to announce that next year we will be joining the Holo-MUSEUM by contributing a key artefact from our exhibits. This means that schools around the world will be able to explore the Irish story in a new exciting and dynamic way, through 3D modelling.

The Holo-Museum is a metaverse of museums across four countries –  The Hunt Museum in Ireland, Anglo-Boer War Museum in South Africa, and Grigore Cobălcescu Museum of Mineralogy and Petrography in Romania, and of course EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum.

It encourages schools across the UK, Ireland and around the world to apply through their website for 3D glasses that will bring the museum metaverse directly to students. Schools can apply from December 10th-January 31st for glasses here: https://www.holo-museum.com/school-partnership-program.

Following the collaboration, the Holo-Museum members said “Holo-Museum is revolutionising the way we reach audiences and enabling us to expand our audience across the world. This technology is opening up the world of learning and enabling people to experience things they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to. We are really proud to be taking this step in making our collections as accessible as possible and reaching students from around the globe. We hope everyone enjoys our exhibitions and we look forward to continuing our work with the Holo-Museum.”

Dr Sirisilp Kongsilp, founder of Holo-MUSEUM and a university lecturer, states that “With a unified museum metaverse, museums can reach wider audiences. More importantly, bringing children from different cultures closer, enables them to experience each other’s culture, develop a global mindset and expand their world view. I hope that our Holo-MUSEUM metaverse will help fuel students’ passion and excitement for learning about the world and beyond. We also hope this technology will expand to other aspects of learning and create a more engaging, exciting environment.”

Head to https://www.holo-museum.com/ today to request glasses for your school.