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Honour your ancestors, bring their name home.

Pay tribute to those who emigrated from Ireland and make them part of our emigration history.

Our exhibition, The Power of a Name, invites people from all over the world to add their Irish ancestors’ names to our museum. 

Every emigrant who left Irish shores took one very important thing with them, something that gave them their strength, their identity, their power to change the world and something that they would pass on to future generations – their name.

You can now be among the first to pay a personal tribute to your ancestors by including them as part of this exhibition in our museum. As well as their names, the exhibition will include where they emigrated from and the year they left. All of the names we receive will be included in the interactive exhibition and will be on display to all visitors to the museum.

“Every person who left Ireland is part of our emigration history.” says Patrick Greene, CEO and Managing Director of EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum. “The life they started in a new country is part of the impact of the Irish abroad and this exhibition aims to pay tribute to them and spotlight a powerful part of their story – their name.”