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2pm – 3pm. Saturday 1 February

Tickets €7.50

The Magdalene laundries remain one of the darkest stains on Ireland’s history. In these institutions girls and women were incarcerated and condemned to servitude. And in the mother-and-baby homes, women who had become pregnant out of wedlock were hidden from view, and in most cases their babies were adopted – sometimes illegally. Mortality rates in these institutions were shockingly high, and the discovery of a mass infant grave at the mother-and-baby home in Tuam made news all over the world.

This St Brigid’s Day joins us as Caelainn Hogan, author of Republic of Shame: Stories from Ireland Institutions for Fallen Women, speaks with Terri Harrison, a mother who experienced the barbarity of these state sanctioned systems first hand.

We will also be joined by Philomena Mullen, a researcher at Trinity College Dublin and a member of the Association of Mixed Race Irish.

All proceeds will be donated to the National Women’s Council of Ireland.