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Join us on Thursday 19th April at 6pm for our ‘The Bad Times’ event with Professor Christine Kinealy. The Bad Times is the first graphic novel to be produced on the topic of the Great Hunger. More than simply telling a good story based on a tragic event in Irish history, it is a new approach to interpreting this significant aspect of our heritage and provides insight into the impact An Gorta Mór had on children.

Tickets: €5

Author Professor Christine Kinealy will guide us on a journey alongside Brigit, Daniel and Liam, three teenage children from the west of Ireland who live through the horrors of the Great Hunger also known as An Draoch Shaol or “The Bad Times”. She will also highlight the impact the novel has had in engaging new audiences with the themes of social justice, human rights, emigration and dislocation, and love and humanity in the midst of catastrophe. Not to be missed!

Founding Director of Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac University, Connecticut Professor Christine Kinealy is the author of number of books on the Famine, including The Great Famine in Ireland, 1845-52, ‘Charity and the Great Hunger in Ireland’, The Kindness of Strangers’ and the award-winningThis Great Calamity’.