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5:30pm – 6:30pm. Tuesday 3 September 


Join us for a very special screening of ‘Thanks to Your Noble Shadow’ on September 3rd here at EPIC.

In 1935, a young missionary nun travels to the other side of the world thinking she will never see home again. At 100 years old, Jennie O’ Sullivan unexpectedly returns to Ireland.

In a bid to capture the end of an era, her cousin, TV journalist James Creedon, decides to record her memories. What was meant as a single interview turned into a compelling year-long voyage.

With emotion and humour, Jennie recounts her journey from the staunchly Catholic Ireland of her youth right up to modern day Japan. Through war and peace, hers is a story of wisdom, devotion and endurance. She was the last Irish missionary nun in Japan.

We look forward to seeing you on the night!