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Saturday 10th October, 1pm – 2pm  

Space-themed history and imagination workshop similar to summer camps

Duration: One off, 1-hour workshop

Age: 6 – 12 years’ old

Price: 5 euro per household

In 1969 the first human – Irish emigrant Neil Armstrong – walked on the moon. In this Space Week workshop, we’ll replicate his journey using just our imagination, paper and pencils. Suitable for ages 6 – 12 years old, we’ll discover some fascinating real life moon-milestones, before climbing on board Apollo 11. We’ll design our space suit, create a moon camp, conduct a moon experiment, and even trial out our moonwalk!

Delivered remotely, this camp consists of a 1.5-hour Zoom session especially designed to introduce history in a fun, creative way. All you need are some drawing materials and paper to take part.

Important: All children must be under a parent/ guardian’s supervision for the duration of the workshop. Children who continually misuse the chat feature, after 3 warnings will be removed from the camp. This session will be delivered remotely via Zoom. Please do not journey to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum for this session.