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Simon Hall

Where are you from in Ireland?


What country are you teaching in?


What is the name of your school?

Eastwood International School

What’s the best thing about where you live now?

The best thing is the people. Lebanon is neighbour to two countries: Israel and Syria. As a result, it’s had a chequered past. In spite of this hardship, the people are so welcoming and so friendly.

Name 3 things you miss from home

Pints of Guinness/Pub Culture
West Cork
The Characters Around the Place

What do you think makes a great teacher?

I had thought it was a good grasp of the subject, an ability to explain complicated concepts in simple language, and a bank of rubbish jokes. However, having taught for a time, I now realise that teaching is all about relationships with the kids. If you don’t have a positive relationship with the kids, you’ll get nowhere.