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Throughout 2018, the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Europeana will run a series of migration collection days and events involving museums, libraries, archives and audiovisual collections across Europe.

As part of this special Europe-wide project, we’re inviting all Irish people who have lived abroad or those who have family members or ancestors who have emigrated, to come and share their stories with us.

The Irish are a nation of emigrants whose history and identity has been shaped by the comings and goings of people for millennia. Emigration is no longer the one way journey it was in the past. Many of us have lived overseas and returned. Here at EPIC, we want to preserve these accounts as well as those of our long standing Diaspora communities.

The material collected will be displayed on the Europeana platform, an organisation that seeks to collect and preserve our cultural heritage online to help build an open, creative and knowledgeable society. Their migration project aims to show that the geographical moving of people makes culture richer. It will also become part of EPIC’s collection and will be displayed on our own website too.

All you need to do is arrive on the 26 – 27 May from 10am – 5pm with your story and any personal objects that tell your story of emigration, airplane/ferry tickets, photographs, letters, keepsakes etc. Our team will transcribe your story and photograph your objects before returning them to you.