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5:30pm – 6:30pm. Thursday 14th November

Tickets from €5.85

What would you do to survive? What sacrifices would you make in order to reach a better life?

As part of Dublin Book Festival, author of Outlanders Séan Ó Tuathaigh, and Syrian Software Engineer Suad Aldarra will be in conversation with Bryan Fanning, Professor of Migration and Social Policy at UCD and author of Migration and the Making of Ireland (UCD Press), to discuss migration, war and ethnic persecution.

Séan Ó Tuathaigh’s book Outlanders (Mercier Press) features stories of ordinary people from around the world who have fled extraordinary situations, such as war and gang violence.

Suad Aldarra worked as a Software Engineer in Damascus until her life changed with the Syrian conflict and was forced to flee the country for Egypt in 2012. Suad will tell the story of life before being forced to leave her home, her journey and her new life in Ireland today.