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November 14th, 1 – 2pm

Duration: One off, 1-hour workshop

Age: 6 – 12 years’ old

Price: 5 euro per household

What is snow? Where does it come from? Wrap up warm and learn all about how to make it ‘snow’ at home this Science Week in this bbbbbbrrrrrrrr-illiantly cool workshop for ages 6 – 12 years old.

Delivered remotely, this camp consists of a 1-hour Zoom session especially designed to introduce kids to STEM in a creative way. First, we’ll discover some fascinating real-life snow-facts, before meeting Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton and learning all about his Antarctic expeditions. Finally, we’ll take part in some fun, creative tasks to explore the scientific compounds of snow at home with a few simple materials.

Participants will need:
Task 1: Snowball painting: Any size coloured paper (not white); some paint; cotton wool.
Task 2: Design a snowflake: Any size white paper; dark marker such as black, brown or blue; any colours, crayons or colouring pencils; scissors.
Task 3: Make play snow: Baking soda or flour; shaving cream or white hair conditioner; a mixing bowl or cup.

Important: Materials not provided. All children must be under a parent/ guardian’s supervision for the duration of the workshop. This session will be delivered remotely via Zoom. Please do not journey to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum for this session.