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Prepare for an epic scare on 26 October as the otherworldly descends upon the vaults of EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, for Samhain – Ireland’s Family Halloween Festival, brought to you this year online.

Samhain celebrates Ireland’s ancient Halloween roots and storytelling tradition by bringing together modern Seanchaís, actors and performers to share spine-tingling Irish tales and authentic traditions.

Families can immerse themselves in an Irish Halloween experience, with everything from creepy creative workshops, traditional Halloween games and hijinks, and a whole host of characters from the Banshee, the Morrigán, some naughty fairies and the Pooka.

Join us from 12pm on Samhain’s Facebook Live (and other platforms) for our Seanchaí Sessions featuring PJ Gallagher, Jerry Fish, Tara Flynn, Katherine Lynch and character performers, who will regale us with famous and lesser known spooky Irish tales.

All workshops will be delivered via Zoom and streamed via Facebook Live, with limited tickets available for the interactive portion via Eventbrite.

This is a virtual event, please do not journey to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum to take part. You can register your interest on Facebook.


Seanchai Sessions

Turnip workshop

Spellcasting workshop

Storytelling workshop


Samhain Festival: Pimpin’ Pumpkins and Transforming Turnips Workshop

You might have carved a pumpkin, but have you ever designed a turnip? Discover the roots of this ancient Irish Halloween tradition and create some turnip inspired art in this craft workshop for ages 6+. 

Samhain Festival: Family Tales Ghost Story Workshop

The Irish are well-known for their love of storytelling. Join their ranks and embrace your inner Seanchaí (storyteller) in this ghost writing workshop for families with children 7+.