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The Power of a Name

Give your Irish ancestors the recognition they deserve

At EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum we honour Irish emigrants by telling their stories and keeping their memories alive. It’s a place where you can come to acknowledge them, their journeys, their struggles and their achievements.

When they left Ireland they took something very important with them, something that would give them strength, their identity, their power to change the world and something they would pass on to you – their name.

Bring their name home

Now we’re inviting you to be among the first to be part of our The Power of a Name exhibition by adding your ancestor’s name to our Emigrant Wall. Simply enter their name, where they emigrated from and the year they left in the form below. We will then display it in EPIC as part of our newest exhibition.

They may have left Ireland, but the legacy of their names will live on forever.

Add Your Ancestor's Name Here

Fill in the details below and press 'Submit' to add your ancestor's name to our museum as part of our Power of a Name campaign. One ancestor name can be added at a time. If you wish to submit more, please submit them via the form individually. Simply refresh/reload the web page after you complete the form.
  • Please enter only ONE first name and surname in the appropriate field. For first names, enter a full name OR nickname, but not both. For surnames, enter either maiden name or married name, but not both.
  • If known. An approximate year is acceptable. Enter the year as 4 digits only, e.g. 1850, 1925, etc. No text.