Press Release: Visit of Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, and family to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family will be visiting EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum at 2pm on the 4th of July, 2017, as part of his visit Dublin.

Justin Trudeau and family arrive in Ireland

Today EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is delighted to welcome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to learn more about the story of Irish emigration through the centuries and to discover the influence the Irish emigrants have had on Canadian life.

As Justin Trudeau visits Ireland, there is no better time to highlight the strong connections that Ireland and Canada enjoy. Several of the ‘Fathers of the Confederation’, the founding figures in the formation of the modern Canadian state, were Irish emigrants and in turn the newly independent Irish Free State which was established following the Anglo-Irish Treaty was accorded ‘Dominion status’ specifically linked with the freedoms enjoyed by Canada.  Before and since then Irish emigrants have travelled west across the Atlantic and made a significant mark on both the Canadian economy and the Canadian people, including:

  • Today over 4.5 million Canadians or 15% of the Canadian population claim Irish descent.
  • The oldest St. Patrick’s Day in Canada takes place in Montreal and has been running since 1824. This year saw over 500,000 in attendance.
  • The only Gaeltacht located outside of Ireland (Gaeltacht Bhuan Mheiriceá Thuaidh) is found in Tamworth, Ontario.
  • Four Prime Ministers of Canada (Sir John Thompson (4th PM, first Roman Catholic to hold the office), Louis St Laurent (12th PM), Brian Mulroney (18th PM) and Paul Martin (21st PM)) are of Irish descent.
  • One of the few remaining Irish Regiments in service today is the Irish Regiment of Canada which was originally formed in 1915 during the First World War.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be presented with a gift from Chairman of EPIC Neville Isdell

A framed original news article from The Illustrated London News, 8 Nov, 1856 – Showing a drawing of the Dublin Crimean Banquet, held at CHQ. The banquet was to honour the return of the Irish veterans from the war and was the largest ever dinner held in Dublin with 3,500 soldiers plus 1,000 citizens of Dublin, who paid for the privilege of witnessing the party.

The written article, giving an outline of what was served at that event is printed on the back of the frame.

As well as the high tech interactive exhibition, EPIC offers a state-of-the-art genealogy centre, the Irish Family History Centre, operated by Eneclann, Ireland’s leading genealogical services provider. In addition to extensive, easy-to-use research facilities, the Irish Family History Centre offers personal consultations with a professional genealogist, and the latest DNA testing to help visitors explore their Irish roots.

During his visit to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum and the Irish Family History Centre Prime Minister Trudeau will be presented with a full Irish Family History dating back ten centuries to 17th century Ireland, with an in-depth look at Justin Trudeau’s family history. Some genealogists have made links to the Irish Bernards, but it has proved difficult to verify that information. This is the first time Prime Minister Trudeau’s full Irish family history has been put together in such a systematic way, and the Irish Family History Centre we look forward to being able to present him this research.

About EPIC

Opened on May 7th, 2016, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is a state-of-the-art interactive experience located in the beautiful vaults of the 1820 Custom House Quarter building in Dublin’s Docklands, the original departure point for so many of Ireland’s emigrants. It will inspire and guide you on a journey to discover the stories of Irish emigration around the world, from early times to the modern day.

Over the centuries, some 10 million people have left the island of Ireland. At EPIC you can step through 20 galleries to find out why people left, see how they influenced the world they found, and experience the connection between their descendants and Ireland today. Immerse yourself in the stories of some of the most remarkable tales of sacrifice, endurance, adventure, and discovery the world has ever known. EPIC brings these amazing stories to life in a unique and spectacular way.

EPIC the Irish Emigration Museum is an example of changing the way museums are being portrayed as previously stuffy and boring to becoming engaging and exciting to all the generations but particularly making learning fun for children who don’t realise they are learning whilst taking advantage of technology they are already used to.

  • First digital only museum in the world
  • The most advanced use of technology in a museum setting and in the cultural sector in Ireland
  • Can explore 900 years of history in a single visit

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum features dozens of stories of notable Irish emigrants to Canada, and those with Irish ancestry. Learn more about these characters click here. We look forward to welcoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family to EPIC and showing him how these stories have helped build such a strong connection between our two nations.