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We were delighted to welcome Jarlath Regan, host of the Irishman Abroad Podcast to EPIC recently to interview our Founder Neville Isdell. Neville is Jarlath’s guest on episode 294 of An Irishman Abroad, released as EPIC celebrates its third birthday. Click here to listen to the podcast.

In the wide ranging interview, Jarlath and Neville discuss how he went from being a young boy living in the small Northern Irish town of Downpatrick to becoming the Chairman and CEO of one of the world’s biggest brands, Coca-Cola and then founding EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum.

Neville explains how moving to South Africa at the age of 10 exposed him to the realities of apartheid (8:00), the challenges of understanding oneself (23:00) how every country has a period of which they should be ashamed – and Ireland is no exception (1:01:00)


From his very strange request to new employees (30:00) to the concept of hiring people on experience over qualifications (13:00), why he doesn’t believe in career-path planning (25:00), his charity work to eradicate malaria by 2025 (Full Length Patreon Version Only) and much, much more, this is a truly fascinating conversation with an Irishman who made it to the top of the business world.

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