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Irish Family History Centre

Open daily, 7 days a week, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Trace your ancestors

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum immerses you in the fascinating stories of the Irish people and honours the intrinsic connection between Ireland and its diaspora – no matter how many generations or oceans separate us!

But who are you? And what is your story?

Whether you’re just a little curious, or a fully-fledged family historian, we have something for you at the Irish Family History Centre, where our expert Genealogists can help you unearth your Irish roots.

Irish Family History Centre Tickets

EPIC & IFHC Combo Ticket

Enjoy a tour of EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, followed by an introduction to your family history. At the IFHC, we’ve got lots of different databases to help you get on your way. Our staff will be on hand to show you how to follow the paper trail through our resources so you can start to bring your history to life!

The combo ticket includes:

  • Enjoy a self-guided tour of EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
  • Get advice from a genealogy expert.
  • Use interactive display screens to engage and uncover more about your Irish roots.
  • Discover more about Ireland’s Emigration and Migration.
  • Play our fun quiz to test your knowledge on Ireland.
  • Take a seat at one of our workstations where you can sign up to the Irish Family History Centre and join our online community.
  • Access records on FindMyPast’s website

All tickets include a goodie pack which contains a free month subscription to FindMyPast World, an initial month free to IrishFamilyHistoryCentre.com and an unwavering passion for your family history – remember, this is just the beginning!

Private Consultation with a Genealogist

You can also book a private consultation with our on-site genealogists for a more in depth look at your history. Available in either 30 or 60 minute sessions which can be pre-booked online (recommended during peak seasons). These sessions need to be booked directly on the Irish Family History Centre website.

We are located in the EPIC Gift Shop, so make sure to drop in after your museum tour. Visit IrishFamilyHistoryCentre.com to find out more.



Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need?

We always say just bring whatever you have – whether you have a little or a lot. A family tree is a great start for visitors of every level, so feel free to bring along if you have one. It’s also important to bring along a passion to learn something new, because you never know what you’re going to find.

Where do I even start?

Always start with yourself and work backwards! That’s where a family tree template can be useful. Map out what you know for sure and then you can start filling in the gaps. And always verify what you find with hard evidence – only believe what you see with your own eyes.

What if I don’t even know if I’m Irish?

Don’t worry! Our databases have access to records across the globe – so even if you don’t know where you come from you can start digging. We’ve had visitors find ancestors in Nicaragua, Montserrat and India – it’s pretty exciting stuff!