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5:30pm – 6:30pm. Tuesday 1 October

Tickets €5

We should never underestimate the vast importance of the role that food and drink play in the culture of a nation.

When people are displaced and arrive in a foreign land, they bring with them traditions and rituals that are bred in the bone and vital to their sense of who they are and where they come from. Religion, language, music, dance, sports, literature – all of these are at the heart of a national culture. And the whole culture surrounding food and drink can be a daily reminder of the old country and the old ways.

In this talk, Margaret Hickey, bestselling author of Ireland’s Green Larder, will look at the way that the Irish brought with them attitudes to food and drink that they shared with their newfound neighbours. As the Irish became accustomed to new foods and new ways of preparing and eating food, so, too, they exerted an influence, introducing their own ways of dealing with, often, the same ingredients but in a different way. A symbiotic relationship grew up wherever the Irish settled. They learned from the customs of their new land, and they taught what had been passed down over the centuries in their native land.

During the event you will hear Margaret speak about:

  • Bread making and baking in general
  • The Irish methods of distilling and how they were taken up overseas
  • The many manifestations and permutations on cooking with oatmeal. Irish stew and its evolution.
  • The rituals attendant on food preparation and cooking

The talk will also be accompanied by a live traditional music performance by one of Ireland’s most accomplished fiddlers.