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Thursday 21 January, 6.30pm

Dublin-born U Dhammaloka (1856-1914), likely a native of Booterstown has gone by many names. At one time or another he referred to himself as Laurence Carroll, William Colvin or Lawrence O’Rourke alongside a number of other aliases.

After leaving Ireland he became a hobo in the United States but would go on to become famous from Japan to Sri Lanka as a Buddhist monk and anti-colonial celebrity. He operated under many pseudonyms, was put under surveillance, tried for sedition and faked his own death. Join us as Dr Laurence Cox (Maynooth University) tells stories from the new biography, “The Irish Buddhist: The Forgotten Monk Who Faced Down the British Empire”.

Dr Laurence Cox is a co-founder of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religion (ISASR); and has twice guest-edited the journal Contemporary Buddhism. He has been a speaker to Kyoto University’s Jinbunken Institute, the University of Heidelberg’s “Asia and Europe” cluster of excellence, King’s College London Buddhist Studies Research Seminar, SOAS Centre for the Study of Japanese Religions / Buddhist Forum, Trinity College Long Room Hub, the National Library of Ireland and the National Museum of Ireland among others.