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EPIC tells the dramatic story of the people who have left the island of Ireland, how these people spread around the globe, and how they influenced and shaped the world. It is a story of rich and poor, destinations near and far. It is a story of 10 million epic journeys.

Immersive and Interactive

EPIC connects the 70 million people around the world today who claim Irish heritage and ancestry. Using state-of-the-art technology these stories are vividly brought to life through video, images and sound to create a powerful and emotional experience.

Epic Ireland Touch Screen

Irish Creativity and Culture

The Irish influence in the arts, from literature, dance, music and design is world renowned. See how Irish culture has travelled and adapted on its journey across the globe, and how its traditions have been adopted and celebrated in many countries around the world.

Discover the Irish who changed their worlds

Retrace the journeys of over 300 people, past and present, and relive some of the greatest achievements and accomplishments in the world of art, design, science, politics, sport & music.