Space Week: The Irish in Space

DATE: 6th October 2022
TIME: 9.30-10.30 Virtual, 10.45-11.45 Onsite
WHERE: Virtual & EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
COST: €50 per class (Virtual), €6.50 per student (Onsite)
Ages 7 - 12

This Space Week, join us for a special Irish Space Camp!

Suitable for ages 7 – 12 years old, discover all about how Irish people and places have shaped space science internationally. Hear all about the Irish woman Cady Coleman who played flute in space on St Patrick’s Day, and watch the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, take one small step for man before tracing his Irish lineage. Learn how the first female commander of a space shuttle Eileen Collins completed a 360 degree space turn, discover why a woman called Agnes Clerke from Cork has a moon crater named after her, and encounter the Irish man who analysed moon rock, Denis O’Sullivan, and much more!

In this fun workshop you and your class will not only get a crash course in Irish space science, but you’ll take part in engaging interactive activities to discover things like what actually makes up ‘space’, how to pack a suitcase for an astronaut and astrophysicist, what it’s like to go on a space walk, and how to design a sustainable new planet! Afterwards, use the accompanying handout ‘The Irish Astronaut’s Log’ to complete fun trivia, creative, imaginative, writing and arts and craft activities in the classroom!

This special multi-school workshop is available virtually and onsite in EPIC. Our virtual session will be delivered via Zoom.
The virtual session is charge at €50.00 per class (maximum 30 students) and €6.50 per student for the onsite session which includes a visit to EPIC.

Can make either of our sessions? Private sessions can be booked for individual classes throughout Space Week.

Bookings can be made for all sessions by contacting groups@epicchq.com