Walking Tours

Open House Dublin 2021

DATE: 15 - 17 October 2021
TIME: Various
WHERE: The chq Building
COST: Free
Tickets to be booked from Open House Dublin website

Discover the hidden wonders still be found amongst the modern facades of Dublin’s Docklands with our special tours as part of Open House Dublin this October

Dublin’s Docklands offers the visitor the freedom and space to explore this vibrant part of the city. The Docklands themselves, separated by the gently flowing River Liffey, has been built over many generations and continues to develop today. It is a place not set in stone but is still connected to its history, while also looking to the future. Only a short distance from the City Centre it has been home to Vikings and dockers, a leaving point for emigrants and a welcoming hub for tech start-ups. It is a place that flows with ideas and opportunities, connected by its heritage and its innovation.

We’re offering two walking tours as part of Open House Dublin. Tickets will be available to book on their website soon. Tickets are free, but must be booked in advance.

Docklands Tour

Join us as we uncover the rich maritime and commercial history of Ireland’s capital. From the Viking port of Dyflin to the modern Silicon Docks, Dublin’s history has long been shaped by its waterways. Explore the roots of Ireland’s capital city as we stroll through Dublin in times gone by. Take in the sights of the contemporary Docklands and discover what life was like in the once thriving hub of imperial trade. Learn the hidden stories behind the buildings that shaped the Dockland’s skyline for hundreds of years.

Our walking tour begins in the historic chq Building, known locally as ‘the Banqueting Hall’, one of the last surviving structures from the dockland’s glory days. Our route will also take in the adjacent George’s and Inner docks’, once the heart of the city’s bustling international trade network. We explain how the Royal and Grand canals, that meet at the mouth of the river Liffey, made the Docklands the epicentre of an island wide transport hub in the early 19th century. As we walk by the magnificent Custom House, we speak about its role in the emergence of Dublin as a key port of the British Empire and as the site of one of the largest battles of the Irish War of Independence.

Crossing the city, we recount the stories behind some of the newer bridges spanning the Liffey – the Sean O’Casey footbridge and the impressive Samuel Beckett bridge, symbols of a more modern Ireland. As we make our way through the Grand Canal Dock we’ll learn how this once neglected harbour has been transformed into one of the world’s leading tech hubs – now home to the European headquarters of global giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Our walking tour of the Docklands quarter will take approximately 2 and a half hours. In that time, it’s our aim to both familiarise you with landmarks found here today and to paint a picture of what life was like as the landscape changed for the people living and working in this unique area over the centuries.

Availability: 13:30, Friday 15 October, 12:00 Saturday 16 October, 12:00 Sunday 17 October.

CHQ Tour

Events and Venue Hire at EPIC and CHQ

Our one hour tour of The chq Building is a unique opportunity to hear the stories and history behind one of Dublin’s last remaining industrial era warehouses.

Built in 1817 as a whiskey, wine and tobacco warehouse – Stack A, as it was previously known, was designed by Sir John Rennie was Dublin’s first fireproof warehouse. Let your guide bring you the stories of yesteryear and how Custom House Quay and Georges Dock played key roles in Ireland’s trade with the outside world. Join us as we show you around 200 years of architectural history.

Availability: 14:00 Saturday 16 October, 14:00 Sunday 17 October.