Explorers: Brigid’s Brideogs

DATE: 6th February 2023
TIME: 2pm - 3pm
WHERE: EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
COST: €12
Suitable for children 6+ and adults of all ages

Explore the customs of Spring Around the World in this workshop where you can create your very own Brideog doll.

Irish emigrants took their beliefs and culture with them and adapted them to suit their new home countries as they travelled around the world. Learn about why the Irish made Brideogs, what they did with them, and how this relates to other similar customs around the world all while you craft a Brideog to take home with you.

You can create a doll of Brigid, one of yourself, or one of another inspirational woman in your life – or perhaps you’ll be inspired by one of the other traditions you hear about!

This workshop is suitable for children 6+ and adults of all ages.

Come along, get messy and have a bit of fun as you get hands on with history and learn about the past through craft!

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