EPIC Explorers: My Mam’s a Superhero! Women’s History Illustration Workshop

DATE: 14 Mar 2021
TIME: 10.00am -11.30am
WHERE: Virtual
COST: €5

Mams are great right? They support us, lift us up, make us laugh, and are our best friends. This mother’s day, shine a light on everything your mam does by portraying them as a superhero in this fun women’s history illustration workshop!

First, we’ll explore the stories of a few amazing mammies from Irish history, including Mother Jones, the mother who fought for rights for a generation of workers in America; Isabella McDoughall, who worked as a boarding house mistress in Australia to support her 13 children; Kay McNulty, a stepmother who raised a family of 7 all while programming the world’s first general-purpose computer; and Margaret Ryan, who gave birth to a baby on board the Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship!

Then we’ll discover your stories, sharing why your mam is so fantastic – whether it’s because she always makes your favourite dinner, she’s been helping with home-schooling or she sings around the house. We’ll get creative and work together, following step-by-step instructions to create portraits that celebrate her in all her glory!

Materials required for this workshop: Paper, art materials of choice (markers, colouring pencils, paint or collage paper).