The Queer Irish Diaspora – In Partnership with Dublin Pride

DATE: June 27, 2024
TIME: 5:30pm
WHERE: Annie Moore Room
COST: €5.00

In Partnership with Dublin Pride

Have you ever wondered about the experiences of LGBTQ+ folks who emigrated from Ireland throughout history? What did they leave behind? What were they searching for in their new home? Join us for a fascinating public presentation by Colm Molloy, Dublin Pride’s resident historian, archivist, and designer.

The event delves into the stories of Ireland’s queer diaspora, exploring the lives and experiences of those who left their homeland in search of acceptance, social equity, and community. We’ll journey through the ages, from the captivating tale of the Ladies of Llangollen to the experiences of 20th-century LGBTQ+ emigrants. The talk is just one of a series of events in our our upcoming exhibition, “Look Back to Look Forward: 50 Years of the Irish in Britain”

About our speaker

Colm is a non binary artist, activist and historian and designs the festival graphics for Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride. They have a background in education and mentoring and have been an LGBTQ+ activist for over two decades.

Date: June 27, 17.30
Location: Annie Moore Room
Price: €5.00

About the exhibition

Opening on 18th April, our new landmark exhibition explores the personal stories, the struggles and the triumphs that have shaped the Irish community in Great Britain over the last 50 years. The stories featured within the exhibition are as inspirational as they are heart-breaking, and most importantly, will never be forgotten. Volunteers from the Irish community in Britain received special training to help them capture at-risk testimonies from the last half century which speak of the sacrifice, joy, challenges, and crucial role the Irish have played in modern Britain.
The exhibition also features contributions from notable Irish cultural figures, actors Siobhán McSweeney, Adrian Dunbar and Aisling Bea, broadcaster Terry Christian, musician Jah Wobble and Moth Poetry Prize Winner Laurie Bolger, who has composed a bespoke poem.

Presented in partnership with Dublin Pride.