Babóg Beag: Autumn All Around

DATE: 11th October 2022
TIME: 10am - 10.45am
WHERE: EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
COST: €15 (1 adult + 1 child)
Ages 0-1 years

Feel. Smell. Touch. Imagine. Sing!

Come along and explore all the sounds, smells and sights of autumn alongside the fairy Puca in this sensory class for babies under one year old.

The Irish have always been close to nature – in fact the ancient Celtic calendar was built around celebrating the changing seasons. Now you and baby can explore these traditions together in this interactive sensory class. Dive through leaves, feel the rough skin and smooshy insides of gourds, and breathe in scents of ginger, clove and spice. Using a range of sensory activities to help your child explore the world around them, you’ll sing songs about autumn, and meet seasonal animals like foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels and deer!

Each ticket covers one child and one adult. Check in for this event is at the EPIC reception desk.

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