Meet Anne Bonny, Pirate Queen of the Caribbean

Born Anne Ni Cormac in Kinsale Co. Cork, the fiery redhead stabbed a servant to death and hospitalized a would-be rapist at a young age. After moving to the Bahamas and twice marrying pirates, Anne Bonny became a respected pirate in her own right, despite it being considered bad luck to have a woman aboard a ship. Eventually caught following a battle with the British navy in 1720, she was imprisoned in Jamaica. It is reputed that her lawyer father got her released. She remarried, had 8 children and lived long into her 80s. Her name may be familiar to some, as she features on the popular Assassin’s Creed computer games. Our museum curator Jessica Traynor tells her story and why she has been included in our museum.

Anne Bonny is one of hundreds of inspiring stories that feature in our museum. Discover many more stories of Irish emigration from around the world, told through 20 immersive and interactive galleries. Open daily from 10am – 6:45pm (last entry 5pm) in CHQ in Dublin’s Docklands. For ticket information click here.

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