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Date: 21st January, 10.30am – 11.45am

Duration: One off, 1-hour workshop + 15 minutes Q&A

Age: Secondary Students/ Home School Students

Price:€35.00 per class (30 students per class) / €5.00 per student

Ready for your class to step into the past? Learn what it takes to be a detective of the past in this webinar designed for budding historians of all ages. Catered to support the secondary level ‘Become an historian’ strand and history curriculum, students will leave their text books behind and learn from an actual historian-in-residence.

At EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, we bring history to life before your eyes using interactive technology. However, we wouldn’t have any stories to tell without the historians who uncovered them. Unearth what it takes to be one in this workshop, in which you’ll hear inspiring real life case studies, discover vital practical research and project management skills, and be introduced to the real world of history, discussing things such as career progression, primary and secondary evidence, and challenges related to hidden histories and representation. Ending in a Q&A session, students can ask the historian a burning question that they have about history, research or careers.

Important: This workshop is designed for Secondary School level students taking history, and is offered at a reduced rate of €35.00 euro per class (30 students per class) and €5.00 per individual booking. To facilitate remote learning all students taking part can log in from home. Each student will need an internet connection and access to Zoom to take part. It is suitable for both school and home school students. Special rates available for home school students, contact us for details. Please do not journey to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum for this session.

For group rates, contact us at: groups@epicchq.com.