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Date: 21st & 22nd July (2 day camp)
Age: Suitable for teens
Rate: 2-day ticket €20.00. You can also avail of our special family ticket for €40.00 which includes entry to EPIC along with the workshop. A family ticket entitles 2 adults and 2 children’s entry to EPIC.

Think you have what it takes to be the next great storyteller? Learn how to tell engaging stories to ignite imaginations and inspire generations alongside EPIC’s curatorial team in this 2-day summer camp for teens.

Here at EPIC, we tell the stories of the Irish diaspora all around the world. From the Irish pirate who was the scourge of the Caribbean and the first female President of Ireland, to the WW2 pilot who fought in the Battle of Britain and the first woman to swim at the Olympics – these stories captive audiences all around the globe.

Now is your chance to take up this mantel. In this 2-day camp you will explore how we tell stories at EPIC, with a view to creating your own EPIC tales.

First, we’ll get to grips with the rich history of Irish storytelling, exploring how the Irish tell stories in comparison to other cultures around the world, and how important storytelling is to the Irish diaspora. We’ll then take a virtual journey through EPIC, analysing how the museum’s various exhibits work to tell our character’s stories – from traditional media such as written text, image and illustration, to multimedia performance and interactive technology – all while exploring the various issues storytellers face when adapting historical material. Finally, we’ll hand the pen over to you, as you take part in series of engaging activities designed to get those creative juices flowing – from biographical and creative writing exercises, to oral storytelling, theatre and visual media tasks, and beyond!

At the end of the two days you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the process of storytelling in museums and across various media, and a wonderful portfolio of stories to take forward and work on in the days and weeks to come.

Camp details:

The EPIC Innovators: ‘Stories that Move Camp’ for Teens will be delivered remotely via Zoom and run from 10am – 3.30pm over the course of two days. The days will roughly be split into the following schedule:

  • 10am – 3.30pm: Mix of presentation examples, activities.
  • Breaks: 11.40am – 12pm; 1.30pm – 2pm.

Facilitator: Shannon Wilson is EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum’s Education and Outreach Manager. With a background in mixed media and a masters in visual, material and museum anthropology from Oxford University, Shannon is experienced in devising and delivering a fun range of educational workshops for all age groups that celebrate both tangible and intangible heritage, including everything from coding and space camps, to crafting and storytelling workshops.

Important: This camp will be delivered remotely via Zoom. Please do not journey to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum for this camp. As this camp is delivered remotely, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is not responsible for supervising participants during the course of this camp. Parents and guardians are advised that participants will be required to complete a number of projects using materials that are available to them at home, and as such, may require adult supervision.