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The Poetry Jukebox is making its first appearance in Dublin city centre this summer. An on-street installation that provides an innovative platform for poetry, listeners will be able to choose from a range of poems at the touch of a button.

The Poetry Jukebox is a popular installation in Belfast, introduced as part of the Belfast International Arts Festival 2017 and there are approximately 50 more in the world, in Berlin, New York, Warsaw, Brussels and Prague and further afield.

              Images: Simon Hutchinson courtesy of Belfast International Arts Festival 2017

Dublin’s Poetry Jukebox will be installed to take pride of place on the plaza outside the CHQ Building, near the Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship, and Rowan Gillespie’s haunting famine statues.

The poems featured will be a special curation on the theme of hunger and migration, chosen by Jessica Traynor, poet and the Deputy Museum Curator at EPIC and Maria McManus, poet and Artistic Director of the Poetry Jukebox project.

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Invitation to submit poems on the theme of ‘Hungering’:

Dublin’s docklands are at the heart of the city, but they’re also a place where many emigrants said goodbye to their families forever. 1,490 famine emigrants evicted from Strokestown Estate in 1847 walked along the Royal Canal and departed from the docks outside CHQ.

We’re inviting poets to respond to the themes of hunger and migration. Patrick Kavanagh writing a hundred years after the famine told us that,

                                                                          ‘The hungry fiend

                                                                          Screams the apocalypse of clay

                                                                          In every corner of this land’.

We’d like poets to speak to us of their desires, their longings, their hunger – the new delicacies they’ve tasted in places far from home, or the comfort they’ve found in the flavours of home savoured far away. We want poems about hunger now, and the memory of past hunger that lingers in the gut.

Poems can be recorded on a smartphone or high quality dictaphonic device and it is aspired to pay a small stipend for each poem accepted, funding dependent.

Poetry Jukebox is  a Quotidian –Word on the Street Ltd Project supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland from National Lottery Fund.  In addition, this curation is supported by Poetry Ireland, Unesco Dublin City of Literature  and Failte Ireland.

Poetry Jukebox, is a Quotidian –Word on the Street Ltd Project, led by Artistic Director and poet Maria McManus and jointly curated with guest poet and curator Jessica Traynor.  Quotidian is a not-for-profit literary arts production company limited by guarantee, the remit of which is to enhance civic spaces by animating them in innovative ways, with literature. Poetry Jukebox was brought to Belfast as part of the Belfast International Arts Festival in October 2017 by collaboration between Quotidian – Word on the Street Limited and Piana na uLici, Czech Republic.

Submission criteria and process:

  • Poets are asked to send one poem only
  • Please submit good quality sounds files in MP3 or WAV format. (Smart phone voice files or good quality dictaphones such as Zoom H1 are ideal recording devices.) See the guidance notes (below) about how to make a good enough recording.
  • Please note submissions in other formats such as YouTube Videos/ Vimeo etc will be disregarded.
  • Prior to publication the poet must give Quotidian – Word on the Street Ltd the audio and recording rights to use the poem on the Poetry Jukebox, on the internet, at launches etc.
  • The poet should also grant the print rights, for use on the internet or at launches for example.
  • A  permission form will be required on acceptance. Selected poets will be required to provide this promptly on notification of their selection otherwise we cannot include your poem.
  • Use the following in the subject line of your email:

‘Hungering…’ Submission – YOUR Name

  • Include your contact details, and address, plus a brief biographical note ( Max. 30 words) in your cover email.
  • Submit to poetryjukebox@gmail.com
  • The deadline for submissions is midnight GMT on 24th May 2019.
  • Successful poets will be notified of the outcome by 31st May 2019.
  • The launch of ‘Hungering…’ will be in June 2019 TBC

Recording guidelines:

  • Please be aware the jukebox is in a public space and children may be listening so profanity will rule out a poem’s use.
  • Each poem should be no longer than 2 minutes max when read aloud, but 1 minute to minute 30 seconds works best in this format.
  • Find a quiet space to do your recording. Listen for, and become aware of any background noise, such as traffic, clicks, pets, children etc, and do something to minimise the background noises –  such as closing doors, closing the curtains, go to a different room etc (harm no living thing…)
  • Go to the Voice Memo app on your smart phone or set up your recording device
  • It is helpful to place your device on top of a pile of books, 8-12 inches from your mouth. Putting it on top of a pile of books will keep the device steady.
  • Read in a natural voice, but pay attention to your diction.
  • Read the TITLE (wait 2 beats), by YOUR NAME,  read the POEM – including your name and the title of the poem, enhances access for people who are visually impaired.

Publication Rights:

  • Poems previously published elsewhere are accepted, provided the author can assign the rights for the purposes of Poetry Jukebox to Quotidian – Word on the Street Ltd.
  • Quotidian – Word on the Street Ltd will not be held liable if a poem assigning the rights of use by the poet, later emerges to have infringed on other publishers’ rights.
  • Where poems are submitted in a language other than English, please also include a translation of the poem recorded in English – back to back in the same voice file.
  • Please include a short 30 word biog as an attachment with your email.
  • This is a tiny not-for-profit organisation – unfortunately we do not have the resources to give individual feedback, nor enter into correspondence.
  • Quotidian -Word on the Street Ltd reserves the right to make decisions which support the project and the spirit of the project.

Payment: It is aspired to pay a small stipend for each poem accepted, but at the moment this is dependent on funding and cannot be guaranteed.

Please send any questions about the process to poetryjukebox@gmail.com