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We are collecting the experiences and stories of the Irish people who have helped others during the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Though history has meant the Irish are no strangers to separation and distance, we have never lost the spirit that brings us together. There’s always been a collective movement whether in Bandon or Boston to contribute; to the local community, county and country – wherever we may find ourselves.

As we move onto the next chapter of Ireland’s story, we want to ensure the stories of generosity, kindness, innovation and support during this time are acknowledged and preserved for future generations.  Help us find and recognise the people helping others making their contribution part of the #EPICIrish exhibition.

“No one can be certain of when these uncertain times will come to a close.  As a story-telling museum, EPIC is hoping that we can collectively document the impact of the Irish world-wide during the crisis. These stories will form a new chapter in our nation’s story. We are inspired by Dr. Mike Ryan’s calm but consistently brilliant rallying cries, Irish medics travelling thousands of miles to come home to work and so many other supportive acts” said Dr Patrick Greene, Museum Director and CEO.

These stories will document and celebrate the difference Irish people at home and abroad are making in response to COVID-19.