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President Donald Trump’s stance on immigration is well documented and debated. His statements about migrants have caused upset, divisiveness and worldwide condemnation and his efforts to build walls, separate families and spread harmful stereotypes have drawn criticism from those actively working to show the positive impact of migration.

When President Trump’s visit was announced, we saw an opportunity to extend the same invitation we offer everyone – see migration in a new way, through the stories of love, of adversity, of triumph and of happiness in one place. We know we may not change his attitude, but we might shift his perspective and reframe his views on immigration. We realise a visit to Dublin is impossible given his security requirements, but the invitation for him to learn from EPIC is an open one.

Our Museum Director, Mervyn Greene states “EPIC represents an alternative voice on the global movement of people. We have documented the positive impact that Irish emigration has had on the world and we think it’s time that the conversation on migration changed. The invitation is made to President Trump with sincerity – come experience a different viewpoint; it might just change your perspective on how migrants contribute to society.”

We have placed our open letter in the Clare Champion Newspaper, the biggest newspaper in Clare, where President Trump will be staying in his family owned golf resort at Doonbeg, the birthplace of Vice President Mike Pence’s maternal grandmother. A visit to EPIC might not take as long as a round of Golf, but its benefits to the mind, mood, body and heart of our visitors are long lasting and positive.