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10:00am – 5:00pm, 15 March – 1 May 

What was life like aboard a ship for nineteenth-century emigrants? How did seventeenth century Irish merchants begin their trading in wine, salt and wool? Who were the Irish people who invented the submarine, who founded the Argentinian Navy or who were pirate hunters in New Zealand? How did the Irish Naval Rescue Service help rescue over 17,500 people in the Mediterranean 2015 to 2017?

Our new exhibition will explore the history of the Irish at sea and their stories of adventure, opportunity and tragedy.

Emigration offered many Irish people access to education, careers, adventure and other opportunities that may not have been available in Ireland. The people featured in this exhibition left lasting legacies across the globe, both in their new homes and in Ireland, where their stories continue to influence Ireland’s rich relationship with the sea.

Exhibition free as part of admission ticket to EPIC

The exhibition is a collaboration between EPIC and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Image: Bigger & McDonald Collection, Derry Central Library. Courtesy of Libraries NI.

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