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5:30pm – 6:30pm. Thursday 22 August

Tickets €5.68

Did you know over 140,000 Chinese men supported the Anglo-French forces on the Western Front in the First World War?

In this fascinating talk, Mark O’Neill tells the story his grandfather – an Irish Presbyterian missionary in Manchuria from 1897 to 1942 – who acted as chaplain to the Chinese Labour Corps in France.

Reverend O’Neill travelled with these men and was later decorated with the Order of the Striped Tiger for his service by the Chinese government. His account provides a unique insight into the experiences of a unit that has come to be known as ‘World War One’s Forgotten Army’.’

The Boxer Uprising, a pneumonic plague that killed 60,000 people, the Russo-Japanese war and the Japanese occupation of Manchuria, O’Neill lived through it all. Join us here at EPIC as Mark O’Neill tells the stories of his grandfather’s extraordinary life.