Guided Walk: Dublin Port & Tales of Irish Emigration

17th March 2017

Apart of the St Patrick’s Festival weekend, EPIC have organised a special walking tour of Dublin’s historic docklands and port, led by the award-winning guide and historian Pat Liddy.

Of the tens of millions who, every year around the 17th of March, celebrate St Patrick’s Day outside of Ireland, many are descendants of Irish men, women and children who left Ireland down the centuries. Some, of course, left out of a sense of adventure but most, sadly, departed on the infamous emigrant ships to seek a better life and to escape persecution, famine, poverty and discrimination in their native land. Join us for an enjoyable yet evocative guided walk around the harbour walls and riverside installations where countless souls once boarded overcrowded vessels for the uncertain and the unknown. See wonders of the old port engineering and today’s vibrant new Docklands and be moved by the replica 19th century sailing Famine ship, the Jeannie Johnston, and the emaciated figures of the iconic Famine Memorial.

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